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We are a real estate development firm with a focus on design, vision and sustainability; building properties for buyers who share our passion for excellence and the belief that investing in ace habitats brings in multi-fold returns to our present living experience and also future growth.

We spend a lot of our lives building assets, our home being the most important one. Our environments create our living experience in substantial ways. They inspire, strengthen and revitalize us, while also offering fruitful financial returns. At Green Vistas, we build strategically planned, design-forward, well-built properties including plots, residential apartments and villas as premium value assets. Whether you are a home buyer or an investor, we are here to cater to your unique needs.

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Green Vistas Realty is a Hyderabad-based real estate development firm which builds exceptional spaces which include residential apartments, villas and plots across Hyderabad that answer our customer’s needs and fit their goals through enduring and meaningful housing design, accessibility and sustainability.

Everything we do is a passion project, supporting our goal of delivering unparalleled architectural outcomes for our customers.


At Green Vistas, we operate on an absolute commitment to the social, economic and environmental sustainability in the design and building of our properties.


We build properties with the belief that good thoughtful design and a meaningful user experience are not reserved for the elite few, but should rather be accessible to all entry level investors. Following this value based philosophy, we strive to create design forward, sustainable living experiences at par with premium high end properties.

“The idea is not to test the limits of our planet and find out how much more damage it can take, but to come together and begin restoration and reversal. We owe it to every generation that comes after.” – Ratan Tata


Good effective design is key in actualizing harmony, wellbeing and sustainability in all aspects of our lives. Especially our homes.

We are committed to helping our customers enjoy sustainable spaces by decreasing upfront and operational carbon footprint, and choosing the most environmentally-responsible and healthiest building materials available

We believe that human-centered design incorporating biophilic principles has the power to enhance the quality of the occupant’s experience as individuals and also social sustainability with natural congruent floor plans that organically connect spaces, places and people.

Our design approach therefore incorporates and greatly values creating connections with nature through elements like natural light, plants and fresh air; use of materials, colours, textures and shapes that evoke a sense of nature, thereby creating spaces that stimulate and energize, but also calm and restore.


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